Here's What We Can Do Together

 My expertise is in both weight loss management and pre/post weight loss surgery counseling. 

I want to help you set your personal success goals in your health, wellness and beyond.

  • Preparing for Weight loss surgery
  • Thinking through the process
  • Helping to pick the surgery that's right for you 
  • How to prepare for your weight loss surgery
  • Setting your post surgery expectations 

I've had my surgery, now what?

  • Learning new behaviors                       
  • This isn't what I thought this would be
  • Help! I think I made a mistake

Weight Loss Management

  •     Create a individual non-surgical weight loss program
  •     Health and nutrition planning
  •     Comprehensive nutrition and supplementation plan
  •     Behavioral counseling
  •     Healthy eating options 
  •     Setting  non-surgical weight loss goals and plans
  •     Create a comprehensive nutritional and supplementation plan
  •     Discuss new behavior counseling related to your weight loss goals
  •     Create customized healthy eating tips

Life and Career Counseling

    Setting success goals

    Getting past what's holding you back

    You think you can't but you can, let's change your mindset

    Sex counseling

    Setting long term benchmarks